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After the reunion with my old friends, today I will once again went to my old town to visit my old, not well cared house.Before visiting our house, my family and I were stopping by my sibling's house at Shah Alam for a short visit.

Then, we moved out to our home to pay for a visit and take a lot of letters there that had been left for such period of time and cleaning the house a bit.It's been a while since I visit here few months ago.There were several changes we see when the first time we started to visit here after a long time.

It was also been a long time I did not see my neighborhood friends where we used to play at the field in the evening.My mom and dad do their own business while me and my brother had our own things to do too...

Around 10 o'clock night, we began to leave again and went back to where we live now.Before that, my family and I went for a dinner at the restaurant nearby that we used to go.Since that night had a lot of customer, so it will make things a bit long.While waiting for the food to be served, we watched on the television that was currently showed "BARCLAYS PREMIER LEAGUE" football between "Liverpool" and "Portsmouth".

Some of our ordered foods were getting too long until the match had officially over until we can watch another football match between "Manchester United" and "Fulham" and also "Manchester City" v.s. "Sunderland" a bit.
Since I wrote about the match, so this is the results :

Portsmouth 2 - 0 Liverpool
Fulham 3 - 0 Manchester United
Manchester City 4 - 3 Sunderland

Although I'm not the type of football addict, but because of the waiting that makes me have to watch the leagues.
(bes lak kdg2 lyn bola nih...hahaha)

After we all had finished with our marvellous dinner, we began heading to where we were living now, arrived at around 12:20 midnight.Hope that I will come visit there again.

Later ;)

AiMaN AsYraF


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  1. Where is it this Old Town? Is it this town in Malaysia ke..?

  2. Slm Rizman...haha...yup...taram je senanyer tajuk post tu...sti laa kt singgah jap kt umh lame.