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Today will become some of my memorable day as my family and I will go for a vacation in Port Dickson for some rest and peaceful mind as we were always busy with jobs and we??? hahaha

So, my blog will be outdated for a few days and so do I because of it...hehe Just want to post a bit before I go taking a peaceful mind there.Lastly, I just want to say :

Happy Holiday !!!(even though the holiday has began for ages.For PMR Candidates 2009, congratulations for your great achievements.For those who failed or didn't get what they want, do not be upset because it's just the beginning before the real upcoming test, SPM (Sijil Penentu Masa Depan) that I will have to face it on the next year.

Hope that I will be ready to face it.I think that's all for now since I didn't prepare yet to take a few rest and peace mind there.

Later ;)
AiMaN AsYraF