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After planning for a few days, my old friends and I had decided to meet each other at Jusco Bkt. Tinggi.Just like the other day when I met my friends in Klang, I had to go for a long, exhausting journey from my sweet home to that mall.It took me about three hours to go there by taking bus from my house to the train station and taking the train to KL Central.Next, transiting to the other train to Klang.

After arrived in Klang Station, I rushed to the bus stop to take for a bus to Banting and stopped at the JJ where my friends had already there currently watching animated movie in the cinema called "Planet 51".The show started at 11.45 a.m., but I arrived there a little bit late and they didn't buy a ticket for me.So, after I arrived there at about 11.57 a.m., I quickly went into the mall and searching for the cinema since I rarely been there in my whole life.As I remember, that was the second time I had been there.

After a few moments, I found the cinema usually around the top floor and bought the ticket where my friends were currently watching the movie.Luckily, I had only miss about 10 minutes of that story.When the movie had finished, we went for a walk in that mall, taking lunch at McD, went for a walk again...

After that, I decided to go alone for a while to search something that I wanted to buy, but it seemed nothing attracted my eyes maybe because of the price and else.Then, I decided to rejoin the group.They also were doing their own business when I'm not around.Finally, we went to the "Popular Bookstore", looking for some books.In the end, there were nothing we bought in that bookstore.

After the bookstore, it was the time for me and the others to make a farewell.We went out from the mall and took the City Liner Bus together, heading to Sri Andalas.We talked a bit about our life and other kind of things.When we arrived at Sri Andalas, it was the moment when I had to spread up with my old friends.

After the farewell, my only journey continue from that bus stop to Klang City and then, to KTM Klang Station.My journey today was full with lucky because I'm always got a seat on my way to Klang and back from it.At least, it can reduce my tiredness on the train.When the train arrived in KL Central, I stopped by there for some business.When the things had cleared, I started to move on transiting to the other train to Kajang Station.

After a few minutes traveling, finally I arrived in Kajang again.I went out from the train and the station, waiting for a bus to take me home.It was really tired, yet enjoyful, traveling a lot from place to place.After a few moments in the bus, I arrived at my place safely and peacefully.Hope that we will meet again, partners.

Later ;)