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Monster of Pole That More Fierce Than T-Rex

Tyrannosaurus rex (T-rex) probably not nothing compared to a giant reptiles that once lived in the Arctic Sea, the Arctic, the Jurassic era. Bite is estimated to be able to destroy a car.

Sea monster which called Predator X is estimated to live 147 million years ago. The fossils were found in Svarbald, Norway, and only partially excavated skull middle of 2008.

"With the skulls of more than 3 meters, you can imagine such a strong bite, said Joern Hurum", Associate Professor of Vertebrate Paleontology at the National History Museum of Oslo University who led the dig.
His teeth have each 30 centimeters long.

With such a jaw structure, calculation of power estimated to bite 10 times as alligators, crocodiles, and sharks tekuat current and four times the T-rex bite. Meanwhile, total body size of about 15 meters and weigh 45 tons.

The creature is included in group pliosaur, a giant reptile carnivorous short-necked. Fossil giant reptiles were found in Svarbald, and this is the greatest. A year earlier, in the region were also found in fossil pliosaur slightly smaller and is called The Monster.


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