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What is a Phenomenon of Halo???

The phenomenon of halo (Greek language: ἅλως) is a circle of light as if a rainbow around the Sun or the Moon.It is a kind of optical phenomenon which shows a ring shape around the light sources. In nature we usually see during the full moon or the sun bright in the daytime.

There are many types of halo, but most of them occur due light reflection and refraction of the sun / moon of ice crystals in clouds cool Sirus located at an altitude of 5-10 km in troposfera top layer of about 5-10km from the surface of the earth.

Halo is very large and always have the same diameter in a position in the sky.Sometimes only a part that appears.The smaller the ring of light that appear biased or the moon around the sun is produced by the corona of the water bead more than refracted by ice crystals.

If you want to see halo make sure your eyes are protected from the radiant of sun. Do not occasionally looked at the continued and long halo.Hide the sun from sight behind the built, buildings or anything.Be careful when taking pictures without a protective halo of the sun.