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As I told on my previous post, I will go to Klang today.So I will update this post after I went back home from Klang.The time now was about 10:05 a.m. and I am about to leave right here and right now.


Now, I will tell my story about this topic...

Firstly, I went out from my house around 10:15 a.m. and directly to the bus stop to wait for the bus.Then, I rode it to UKM Station like always.I thought that it went to Kajang, so that it will shorten the time since it was nearer and cheaper to Klang Station than from UKM Station.But both of them were not that far either.

In the train, luckily, I can have a sit since the passengers were few on this time.I was very sleepy at that time because of my tiredness yesterday were not fully recovered yet.I went for a sleep while listening on my MP3 since it was a little bit bored traveling alone and I am very tired.

When the train had reached KL Central, I went out from the train to make a transit from my train that will go to Rawang Station to another train that will go to Pelabuhan Klang Station.In that train, I also fall asleep because of my exhaustion and boredom while sitting on the train.At least I can relax my legs a little bit before I begin my adventure in Klang.It's been a long time I had not go there, but not too long since I usually came there during public holidays.

After I arrived in Klang safely, my adventure started.I begin to walk out from the train and quickly to the Klang Bus Stop.On the way to Klang Bus Stop, I called one of my friends, Ideen since I want to visit him for a while before I went to another of my activities there.I also called some others of my friends, but it seemed like there were no answers but only voice mails.Luckily for me, when I arrived at the bus stop, the City Liner Bus suddenly came right after I arrived there.I took that bus and went to Sri Andalas.I stopped at the bus stop in front of the Klang Hospital, HTAR around 12.30 p.m. and then, I started to walk to my friend's house, Ideen.Hisahiburi na...

Long time no see, Ideen.I thought that it was just 3 months since I did not meet him which was on mid-year holiday.We talked a bit and suddenly, I got a message from another of my friend that I had called earlier which was my old friend here, Haniff.He said that he will come soon to Ideen's house too.After that, I went out for a while from Ideen's house to the 'Masjid Jamek ar-Rahimiah, Klang' for Zohor pray.Hisashiburi mo...

Then, after I went back to Ideen's house, I saw that Haniff was still not arrive yet.After a few minutes later, he arrived riding his dad's bike.Hisashiburi mo...After a few moments chatting with them, I decided to go for a haircut at Sri Sarawak there since that was the place where my brothers and I usually take a haircut.I thought that the barber that I wanted him to cut was still there, but when I arrived at that shop, I can only saw one man only.Without thinking much because of lack of time, I willingly myself to take a haircut with him.After paid him for what he had done, I quickly went to Ideen's house again to pick up my bag to go to my next location which was my old house in Taman Andalas Jaya, Klang.Hisashiburi mo.

Luckily again for me because Haniff brought his father's bike.So, I can rode it without walking to my old house since I had to save a lot of my energy for my next activities.Thanks a lot, Haniff.I wanted to go to my old house to take the letters in the post-box.Since I had not return to my home for several times, the post-box were full with my parent's letters.

After that, I went to my next location which was one of my old friends named Hakeem.I had called him when I arrived in Klang before, but there were no answers except the voice mails.He did send me a message and I wanted him also to come to Ideen's house,but for some reasons, he didn't.So, I came to his house and looked for him.I had never expected that I got the wrong address on his house because he had been moved to another house.I asked the neighbour of his house to confirm it was his house.Then, he replied that Hakeem had been moved to another house yet he didn't tell me anything about it.I was a bit depressed and began to move to my next destination.

Next, I walked passing through my elder brother's ex-school which was SMKSA, Klang.Hisashiburi mo.He had been studied there for only three years before we moved out to Kajang.After that, I went to my very old school that I will never forget in my entire life.Sekolah Kebangsaan Taman Sri Andalas or in alphabetical or in the shorten words, SKTSA was my school in my childhood.Hisashiburi mo.I thought that it had been about 4 years since I left out from that school.Natsukashi na.The time now was moving fast and I need to go back home before time for 'berbuka puasa'.Then, I quickly went to Ideen's house for the last time to say goodbye to them.I only had a chance to say it in front of his house since I don't want it to be longer than ever because of the time.

When the time showed me around 5 o'clock, it's the time for me to leave Sri Andalas and went back to Klang and then, went back home in Kajang.I was lucky again today because I can rode a bus without waiting it for a long time like always.I rode the 'Wawasan Sutera Bus' that lead me to Klang.On the way to Klang, I rest for a while, sitting on the chair and relaxing my mind while listening to my MP3 to recover my energy for a bit before I face another challenge next.

In Klang, after I arrived safely, I quickly went to the KTM Klang Station to take a train back to Kajang.After I bought the ticket, I saw that the train that I was just to take was just leave me behind.I didn't have a chance to catch up to it since the train move as I paid for my ticket.This time, I was not lucky anymore...huhuhu :(
The train had gone from my sight the time when I arrived at my platform since it was across the place where I am earlier.So, I had to wait for another train to go back home.

While waiting for the train, I took this quality time to message my friend, Haniff saying that I am now on the way back home and can't visit him and Ideen again because of lacking of time.After a few minutes waiting, the train arrived at about 5:30 p.m..I took it and luckily there were not full of passengers yet at this moment and the station from the origin to Klang were not that much.So, the passengers were few and I can sit for a very long time to relax and rest my body especially my legs to heal my pain and recover a little bit of my energy.

In the train, I went for a sleep again while listening to my MP3 because of my tiredness and exhaustion and maybe some boredom.Luckily for me because the time when I get to train, the cloud was not begin to rain.So, I didn't get wet.It started to rain heavily when I am on the way to KL Central.The time taken for the train from Klang to the KL Central was about an hour and I arrived there at about 6:20 p.m. , I guess.At the KL Central, I thought that I can withdraw some money from the bank since my money left was a little and not enough for me to take a taxi from Kajang Station to my home since the time now was raining heavily.My money now was enough for me only to take a minibus and the bus stop from Kajang Station was far away and I need to walk faster or run to go there from Kajang Station in this rainy day.

When I thought about it, I decided to just leave it and continue to transit from my train that will going to Sentul Station to another train that will going to my destination which is Seremban Station.It was because of lacking of time, I decided to just continue my journey and took a bus from Kajang to my place.I got no luck this time because the time now is where the busy part had just begun.I had to stand up in the train because there are packed with various kind of people.I had to accept this situation because it doesn't change anything if I don't.At last, I had some lucky because I can get to sit since the passengers were reducing from time to time as the train stopped at each of the station.Although it was just only one left station for me before I arrived at my destination which was now at Serdang Station, it was enough for me to relax and rest and recover a little bit of my pain and tiredness walking and traveling a lot today.

On the train, my father called me telling me that where are you at this time.I just replied that I am on the way to Kajang Station.He also told me to just take a cab to go home and my dad will wait for me to pay for the fare.I thought about it and will decide later.I thought that maybe the heavy rain will stop in the time when I arrived in Kajang Station.On the contrary, when I had arriving in Kajang Station, the rain still not stop from falling to the earth's ground.

For some reasons, I didn't follow my dad's advice and took the hard way which was taking a bus to my house.I had no choice, but to wet myself with rainwater since I don't have enough money to take a cab.Before I started to wet myself with rainwater, I bought a 100 PLUS 500ml bottle just in case if I don't arrive at my home on time to 'berbuka puasa'.Just how lucky and unlucky I am today, traveling to Klang...hahaha :)

At that time, I thought that my legs were a lot pain than before I guess since I don't fully recover yet from yesterday's journey and my adventure to Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur.After a few minutes running and walking speedily, finally I arrived at Kajang City safely.Then, I walked fast to the Kajang Bus Stop to take a minibus like I did yesterday when I wanted to go back home from my journey in Mid Valley.This time, I was very late.It was really late for me until I had to 'berbuka puasa' in the minibus because of my lateness to arrive at my house.When I entered the minibus to buy for the fare, I can smell the cigarette smoke.It was truly causing me more pain since I had enough pain on my bodies especially my legs and now, my lungs.What a pain...!
I also had to 'berbuka puasa' in this minibus by drinking 100 PLUS that I bought earlier only because my money had drained up.I thought that I only had 10 cent left in my wallet.

When I arrived at Hentian Kajang safely, I directly went to my place where I live and ended up my journey and adventure to Klang with happy face although I am very exhausted at that time.
Later ;)