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In the fourth Ramadhan, I decided to go to Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur to buy some new clothes for 'Hari Raya' since my dad told me to do so.Yesterday afternoon,my brother had bought his clothes while my family had done buying their own things a few days ago.Now, this is my turn to do so.It was very exhausted since I have to go by riding public transports again and go there by myself.

Just like always, from UKM station, I bought the ticket to Mid Valley station.I had to ride a mini bus from my place to UKM station.In the journey to that station, suddenly one of the policeman stopped a bus that I rode in.He went into the bus and checked for the immigrants who did not have their passports and ID cards.I was a little bit shocked and panicked when the bus suddenly stopped.I thought that maybe the government had enforced the law because of this H1N1 issues.Then, one of the passenger had to go down from the bus with the police for some reasons that I'm not sure about it.When I arrived in UKM station safely, I went directly to the counter and bought the ticket and waited for the train to arrive.In the train, I was just doing nothing but standing alone, listening to my MP3 until I reached to my destination.

After reached there, I went directly into the mall and started to buy my things.As I remembered, the first place I went into was the MPH Bookstore...haha.How diligent I am to go to the bookstore.I even spend about two hours there doing nothing but searching for interesting books.Then, I went to 'surau' for Zohor pray at the ground floor near JUSCO.After that, I went for a while in the JUSCO just to look around.Next, I went to Carrefour just the same as JUSCO too.I just looked around and didn't buy anything there.I spend a lot of my time today in this megamall.Since this place is very large and wide.So it took me a long time to finish surveying all the shops.I thought that I spend around 5 hours and a half in this megamall just to buy clothes (main things).I also bought something else for my use.

When the time showed me 5:30 p.m. , I went quickly to the KTM Station and started to go back home.It was very tired.My legs feel a bit pain because of walking a lot.In the train, I had to push myself to stand because it was packed with many kinds of humans.I really need to sit now, but it seemed like there will be no place to sit except the floor.So, I push myself to stand on until I arrived at Kajang station.I even went for a short nap on the train while standing because of my tiredness.

At the Kajang station, I quickly walked out from the train and directly to the Kajang City to take for a minibus that rode me to my place where I live now.When the time was at about 7 p.m. , finally I arrived at my home safely and ended up my adventure.Then, I rested for a while, waiting for 'berbuka puasa'.It was really tired.Tomorrow, I decided to go to Klang to do somethings there.I hope that I will have enough energy and power to go there since my legs were very tired travelling a lot today.
Later ;)