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Today, I want to share my experience and my story.It was a great experience for me but it is very short time for me to enjoy it.

Last Sunday ,on 25th Jan. 2009 in the evening,my family and I went to the hotel for some holiday in Kuala Lumpur.Then,I got informed from my friend,Hakeem that he and his friends will come to Ideen's house for some study group (i just call it but it's not actually study group) at 9.00 a.m. on Monday which was 26th Jan. 2009.When I thought about it, I thought that it is an opportunity for me to join also to Ideen's house considered it as some reunion.I also thought that if I went to his house, I can learn something about F4 subjects, but at last, I didn't learn anything about it hahaha.

It was the day where I came to Ideen's house.I woke up early in the morning at about 6:30 a.m. When everything was done,my dad and I walked out from the hotel's room and left out of the hotel.He told me how to go to Klang from that place since he was very familiar with Kuala Lumpur's area because he worked there.Then, I went to the 'Putra' commuter station (KTM) from my place since it was the easiest and cheapest way to go to Klang.In the train,I sat on the chair listening on my MP3 so that I don't get asleep on the train.I traveled alone.I liked to travel alone even though it was not fun as travel with many friends because I can do whatever I like and go wherever I want.

After I arrived at Klang commuter station,I went out from the station and walked from there to the bus stop at 'Jalan Tengku Kelana'.It was hard to find that bus stop since I didn't know where it is.I had to talk to my dad via public phone because I don't have any hand phone yet.After I arrived at the bus stop, then I waited for a few minutes.Then, the bus came and I rode it to 'Sri Andalas', but I don't stop at exactly the place where I had to which was at the bus stop in front of the Klang hospital due to my mistake.I stopped at the bus stop in front of the 'Sri Sarawak' area.Then I had to walk from there to Ideen's house at 'Jalan Sri Siantan'.It was tired since I didn't get any breakfast yet.

At last I arrived in front of Ideen's house.I ringed the bell and talked to Ideen's dad that I am his friend since his dad didn't know me because it was my first time I came to his house.But when I arrived at his house, I saw that there is none of my friend to be found except Ideen.It is because he said that the activity was cancelled.What the......... I had travel all this way and when I got here, he said something like that.I was so frustrated.Then he said ''wait a moment''.He wanted to make a phone call to his friends telling that I'm here and wanted to meet them.He phoned Hakeem, Hanif and Raimi to come to his house.All of them agree to go to his house.After that, I waited at his house for about a few minutes waiting for my friends to come here.

When all of my friends had arrived, we started the activity.Although it is tired to come all the way to Klang but, it is good for me because I can met with my old friends here.We played a lot and learned nothing.I played at his house until evening.Hanif went home early in the afternoon because he had some other business to deal with.At about 5:15 p.m., it is about time for me to go back to the hotel and meet my family.Before I went back, Hakeem told me to take a picture for his memory of me.Then, I went to the bus stop in front of the Klang hospital and rode the 'Double-Decker' bus to Klang.It was the first time I rode that 'Double-Decker' bus hahaha.After I arrived at Klang, I went to the commuter station and went to 'Putra' commuter station.Before that, I stopped by at the 'KL Central' to see whether a new comics that I wanted to buy had arrived or not.Well, it seems like there is none of comic that I wanted to buy.What a waste of time.

After that, I waited for the train to my place.In the train, I had to stand up because it was too many people in there.When I rode the previous train, I can sat down on the chair.It is very waste, but it's okay since the place where I want to go is near enough from KL Central.When I arrived at the train station, I rushed to the hotel.It was very tired travelling from KL to Klang and Klang to KL by using public transports.When I arrived at my hotel's room, I was very exhausted.I thought that I arrived at about 7:30 p.m. It took me for about 2 hours from my place to my friend's house.I didn't get any picture to take because my family forgot to bring a camera along.After prayed, I went directly to sleep due to my tiredness travelling a lot.It was a great experiences and memorable for me.When I arrived at my room, I felt like there was nothing happened in that day.The day that I went to Klang, I felt like it was just like a dream.But the truth is I really went there.

I woke up at about 7a.m. Today is my last day in the hotel.Before my family and I checked out from the hotel which was at noon, we spended our quality time at The Mall.My brother stayed at the room because he was very sleepy.At about 1 p.m. in the afternoon, we checked out from that place and went back home in Kajang.

I hope that there will be another time for me to go to Klang for another kind of reunion for me.
Later ;)


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