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This time I will write about my experience from my home to the hostel in SAMT Hisamuddin.It was my very very tragic memory that I will never forget.It started on (I don't remember when but the only thing I knew, it was last year).

I went to pack all my things that I want to reenter the jail (Hostel).It was very late.I supposed to enter the hostel before 6:30 p.m. It was the time when all of the students of the hostel must arrived at the school.If any students late to enter the school, penalty will be given.At about 5:30 p.m. , I still at my house in Kajang, packing all things up.After prayed, my dad and I went to the car and rode it to the Kajang commuter station.I had to go there by myself even though it was very late because of some reason that I don't remember much.It took about 2 hours to go to Klang commuter station if I used train and about an hour if used car.I don't have any choice but to take commuter train.

When I arrived at KL Central at about 7 p.m. , I stopped by there to wait for prayer time.After prayed, I walked around at the KL central looking for some comics.Then, I phoned my dad via public phone and talked to him that I will continue my journey to my hostel after 'solat Isyak'.He scolded me and tell me to hurry up and go to hostel quickly.For some reason, I didn't follow my dad's advice.I waited there until prayer time.After prayed, I quickly went down to the railway station and waited for the train to Klang.I thought it is at about 9:15 p.m. It was very late.

In the train, I sat down on the chair and thought about what will happen to me at school since I had been very late to enter the hostel.After a few minutes suddenly, I went to sleep.Maybe it is because I am very tired travelling and thinking about my fate.At about 10:40 p.m. , I woke up from my sleep.When I looked out of the mirror in the train, I saw that I never been there before.It seemed like I had missed my destination.I was very shocked.I hoped that it is not true.But when the train stopped at the station, I looked out to see whether it is true or not that I had been missed my destination.It said 'Kg. Raja Uda'.WHAT!!!!!!!!! It seemed that I really had missed my destination to Klang.

Then, I went out of the train and checked the time.It was at about 10:45 p.m. I was very shocked and frightened.The place was very dark.I thought that if I can rode the other train back to Klang, I will be saved.But, it seemed like there will be no other train left because of the time.I was very scared and panicked at that time (cuak x terkata).After that, I searched for a public phone to contact my dad at home.When I called him and told him about my current situation, he also very shocked that I still don't arrive at my school at that time.He told me that I must went to school no matter what happened.

After that, I thought some way that I can go to school from there.I walked on the street at the unknown house area at 'Kg. Raja Uda' and saw an old man and his wife in the car.I thought that if I can talked to them to give me a ride, maybe I can go to school.After a while talking to them, they suddenly wanted to give me a ride.WHOA I'm saved.

In the car, they told me several question about me like ''where do you live'',''which school do you enter'' and other things.It made me feel dizzy and uncomfortable.So, I had cheated them a little bit.It made me felt very guilty.So, I decided to went out from the car.I felt very sorry to them.Then, they sent me at the bus stop so that I can take the bus and went to the school.The place from here and that 'Kg. Raja Uda' train station is not too far because I only rode the car for short time.

I waited at the bus stop for a long time waiting for some bus but it seemed like there was no other bus left due to the time.When I was in about to give up hope, suddenly I saw a bus far from my view.The bus went to my current street and then, it went straight directly with it's current speed and no stop.My hope suddenly broken down into tiny pieces.I waited and waited but there no bus to be seen.I thought that is only the last bus left.I was very frustrated and disappointed.

The only thing I can do beside waiting for the bus is to walk from that place to my school.I thought that it was very far walking from that place to my school.But there is no other choice.Then, I decided to walk from that bus stop to Klang.It was very tired since I even don't get any dinner yet and maybe lunch too.

I had to walk on the highway street with many vehicles and transports.I felt like a foreigner walking alone on the highway street with a bag with hostels' things.In the journey to Klang, I thought about my previous time where I had the chance to go to hostel easily by car.But I chose the hard way which was walking to hostel.I don't really regret it because it makes me get a very great experiences.I'm really grateful and thankful that I'm still here doing fine.

At that time, it was very scared.I had to walk all night long at midnight alone.It was a very memorable experiences I had.I can heard a lot of bark sounds from dogs.I'm almost been caught by it.After a few minutes walking, I saw some person on his motorcycle.He wanted to give me a ride (I'm not too sure because he is at across of the street where I am).When I want to know what is in his mind, suddenly there is a group of dogs attacking the man.Without thinking much, he just drove his motorcycle and run from the dogs, while I am too.I ran up to the flyover.Since the dogs is across of the streets so, I'm saved.It was very scared too.

Then, I continued my journey to Klang.I walked at the flyover and followed the sign board telling me that Klang is straight away.What a journey.All cars went very fast passing me.After a few hours walking at last, my journey had almost came to the end, but still not over yet.I'm now very tired and exhausted walking a lot at the midnight.At last, I arrived at Klang.I can't believe it that I really walked from that I don't even know that place and arrived in Klang safely.Alhamdulillah.

After that, I went to the public phone near KAMDAR shopping place and called my dad that I had been arrived in Klang.I thought that it was at about 11:45 p.m. My dad told me that if any cabs had been around, took it and rode it to school.But, it seemed like none of it around because most of people had went back home to rest and sleep.

I thought that there was only 1 way to go to my hostel which was by walking.It is the only way right now.But, I thought that my energy had been used up and I don't even get any dinner.I was very tired and also hungry.When I was on about to gave up all of my efforts just now, suddenly a guy called me.When I turned around, I saw a guy in his car called me to come there.Without any question, I just went there.I saw another man beside his seat.There were 2 people in that car.It was his friend.

That guy asked me several question like "where do you came from","where do you want to go" and other kind of questions.I answered it correctly.He then asked me "what were you doing in the late night alone with school bag?''.He seemed like he knew that I was a student.Then,I told him the truth about what happened to me (but not the whole story).

After that, He wanted to give me a ride telling me that he will help me and sent me to my hostel.I thought about it and then, I agreed to come along with him.I thought that with my current body state, I will never reached to my hostel.So, I went along with him riding his car.In the car,he and his friend talked a little bit.Then, I asked him several questions (I don't remember much about what had I talked to them).I thought that maybe they wanted to kidnap me.My feeling back there was very scared and frightened, but I encourage myself.I asked them bravely whether they wanted to kidnap or trying to help me.They laughed and said that they were sincerely trying to help me.It was very hard to believe it since I don't know exactly who they are.I know nothing about them, but I had choose this way due to my tiredness of walking a lot.I had to take that risk and believed what they said.

When I saw out of the window of the car, it seemed like they really did try to help me.The way that he rode his car was really the way to my hostel.In my heart, I felt like I was saved.Then, I asked them about their work.They said that.......(I don't remember much what they said).We talked to each other a little bit.

After a few minutes, I arrived in front of my school gate.It was at about 12:10 a.m. The gate had been closed and the place was so quiet.I thought that all of the students were at the hostel.Maybe some of them had already sleep.Then, the school guard came and told us what is going on.Then, I told him about me as a student of this school and wanted to enter the hostel.The guard said that,''go home and come back tomorrow morning (which is the day where the school session start).WHAT THE ..........!!!!!!!! I had a very long and tragic journey (x dpt nk dibayangkan), but when I got here, the guard said like that.I was very frustrated again.My home was far from here and it's now at midnight.How can that guard said to me to go back home and come tomorrow morning.

Then, the man who brought me to my school came out from his car and told the guard about me.He said that he found me,walking in Klang at midnight with no one and also wearing a school bag to that guard (lebih kurang mcm tu laa....aku pun dh x berapa ingat apa yg dia ckp).He explained to the guard about me.After that, one of the guards there told me that if you want to enter the hostel, you must wore school uniform first.Without thinking much, I opened my bag and searched for my school uniform and wore it.All I wanted is to enter that hostel and then into my room and went to sleep.I'm very tired.I don't have time to think so much.

After that, the guard opened the gate and let me pass through.I was saved....really really saved now.I thanked a lot to that men who were trying to help me and sent me to my hostel.Before I went to my room at the hostel, I went to the public phone near my school canteen and called my dad to tell that I'm now here at the school.Then, I went to my room and directly went to sleep.It seemed that some of the hostels' students still didn't sleep at the time where I arrived there at about 12.20 a.m. I was very hungry,tired and exhausted.But I can do nothing except went to sleep because it has been very late now and the food hall (Dewan Makan) had been closed.So, I unpacked all my things and put it into my locker room and then, I directly went to sleep.It was very great experiences that I had never been before.

What about the penalty that I will get?Well, when I checked it, I saw my penalty was nil.I don't know how, but I really really grateful that even though I had broke the hostel's rules several times but I don't even get 1 point of penalty.Well, that's it for my very very tragic, adventure, survival and memorable story.
Later ;)