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Today, my family and I had a dinner at the Palace of The Golden Horses.It was a wonderful day having a dinner with my family.

When we were on our way to go there, we stucked on a traffic jam at the highway.We don't know what's going on.But when we had passed the roundabout, the traffic jam was gone.All the vehicles seemed to make a U-turn from there making it like a traffic jam.

After a few minutes, we arrived there.It was very beautiful place to go.Then, we parked the car and went to the place where we had our dinner which is at the ground floor.

My little brother                                      My brother

We had enjoyed our dinner very much.It was very delicious.I was very thankful and grateful because I can get the opportunity to go to this place having a dinner with my family.The photo below was my family having a dinner.

My family having a dinner :)

My brother and my little brother
My little brother, Me and
my youngest sister

We had a very good time there.We ate a lot and it was very tasty and delicious.I hope that I can get other opportunity to go having a dinner like this.
Later ;)