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This is my 2nd time posting my blog.Now,I got to know my friend who is also in this blogspot.It's been the end of 1st month of this year but, I haven't got any offer to any schools.Now I still at my home do nothing but only sleeping and playing.What a waste of time.If I don't get any offer, maybe I can't continue my learning.Now, I have been lost to other of my friends in learning subjects because I don't even learn and read anything about those F4 subjects.I had been so boring living in this home for so long and not having any school to enter.I had been out of SAMT Hisamuddin and now,I don't have any schools to enter.Habislah aku.

Speaking BI ni susah betul la... change language.
Aku pun x tahu la macam mane nk tulis ni tp yg aku tahu sekarang ni aku kt rumah x de benda nk buat melainkan tido,main dan x pergi sekolah pun lagi.Walaupun dh nk dekat bulan 2 tp aku masih lg di rumah, x pergi ke sekolah.Aduh....x de idea pulak nk tulis apa.Asyik ckp perkara sama laa pulak.

Speaking Malay pun sama je kalo x tahu ape2 nk ckp.....change language again.
Anyway I will try to catch up on my subjects that I had been missing for about a month when I got to enter my new school, I hope.I think that is for now.
Later ;)