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Don't know what to say but only to write something to fill my empty time with writing and blogging.Now, I am very bored and sleepy too because there are no activities right now, but only sit down at home and do nothing.So, I open this blog to post what's on my mind spontaneously.Tomorrow, I will have to go to Kuantan with my family for holiday.I don't feel excited nor sad.It just too unpredictable about myself.Sometimes I can be predictable and sometimes not...(mcm mengarut je bunyinyer....taram je laa).

While on Thursday, 11 June 2009, I will have a reunion batch last year at Shah Alam.It is just for 2 classes (3 Firdaus & 3 Naim).I still don't know whether I will go or not since I am unpredictable...haha :) Maybe I'll go and maybe I'll not.I hope that I can go there to meet my old friends again after we meet for a while on examination award ceremony last week.I think that's all for now since I have nothing more or less to write about anything right here, right now.

updated : I just know that there will not be having a reunion batch on Thursday for some reasons.It was forwarded on Monday which is tomorrow at Plaza Alam Sentral, Shah Alam and we will have bowling competiton.But I can't participate in the competition nor come there because I have to go to Kuantan with my family.
Later ;)