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Today, I went to my father's office at Kuala Lumpur for this Examination Excellence Award 09 commemorative AFFIN Education Aid Scheme (AFFIN EducAid).It was introduced in 2004 as part of AFFINBANK's commitment to strike a balance between it's business activities and it's responsibility towards the community.The scheme underpins the Bank's acknowledgement of the importance of education as a catalyst of change and improvement.There are 3 programmes under AFFIN EducAid namely :
Education Subsidy Programme (ESP), Examination Excellence Award (EEA) & Scholarship Programme.

I went to my father's office which is at MENARA AFFIN, KUALA LUMPUR with my mother.Since my father alredy there for his work, so my mother and I went there conveniently by taking public transports.First, we took a taxi to UKM commuter station.Then, rode a train to Bandar Tasik Selatan.Next, we took a STAR LRT from there to Hang Tuah station and took KL Monorail from Hang Tuah station to Raja Chulan station, the place where my father works.At about 3 p.m. , the award ceremony began.It was a very meaningful day for me to get to know the Chairman of AFFINBANK, YBHG General Tan Sri Dato' Seri Ismail Hj Omar (Rtd) and the Managing Director / CEO AFFINBANK, Zulkiflee Abbas Abdul Hamid.

I even can shake hands with them and talk a little bit about myself and my ambition.It was a great day in my entire life.
Now was the time for photography session.It was a great day in my life because I can get a photograph with the Chairman, CEO and all of PMR students who got an excellence results in their examination.

I was surprised when suddenly, I got to meet my very old friend, Kevin Kiran Dass who is now school at SMKSA.I heard that he got 7A's in his PMR examination.Long time no see...hahaha :)

My mom and me


After the ceremony ended, we all went out from the hall to the last event which was the evening feast.The foods and drinks were delicious.I really hope that I can be there again.After the evening feast ended, my parents and I went out from the dining hall.My father had to continue his work since he works on that day, while my mother and I went to THE WELD which was the shopping mall, spending our quality time there for nothing, but to wait for my father to finish his job.Since my mother wanted to go there, so I accompanied her to THE WELD.In the shopping mall, I felt asleep because of my tiredness while my mother continued checking the clothes and bags.After about a half an hour, suddenly my father came to meet us there.After my mother got what she wanted to, we all went back home.

Me in the car, alone at the back while my parents at the front.I was very tired at that time yet I still want to snap a picture for my sweet memory...hahaha :)

On the way back home :)

It was the greatest day in my entire life.After I had recovered from my tiredness travelling to Klang, it came back again.Although it was very troublesome, but it's worth it since I got a very fabulous prize from AFFIN BANK.Thank you very much.
Later ;)