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The story starts last year in 'fast month' (bulan puasa).It was the time when I ''FLY'' from my SAMTH hostel and went back to Terengganu for some reasons since that day was not the day for students to go back home or outing.Before I went to Klang Bus Station, I went to "Solat Jumaat" first at mosque because that day was in Friday.When the time comes for students to go back to hostel, I decided to wait for several minutes until they all gone from my sight.Then, I started to walk from the mosque to Klang Bus Station to buy ticket to Terengganu.

At Klang Bus Station, I checked the cheapest ticket since I don't have much money.At that time, the cheapest fee to my destination was about RM43.00 and I only had around Rm51.00.After I bought the ticket, I called my father who was at Terengganu via public phone.I was very shocked when I got informed from my father that I had bought the wrong ticket.The ticket that I should bought supposed to be a destination to Jerteh or Besut, but I had bought ticket to Kuala Terengganu.So, my father told me to change that ticket.Without thinking much, I went to the ticket bus counter and told the lady in the counter that I wanted to change my ticket to another destination.After that, she told me to change it at about 8.00 p.m. (rasenyer pown dh x ingat waktu yg sebenarnyer).So, I had to wait for about 4 to 5 hours from now since the current time was just at about 3 p.m.

I was very tired and hungry.I'm glad that I "FLY" that day because I can meet my old friend, Hanif.I was accidentally met him at MYDIN.It's been a long time since I met him.we talked a bit about ourselves and about our trial PMR results.After a short talk, we then separated to our each way.I went to MYDIN because I wanted to buy something to eat when the time comes for me to eat.Since I only had RM8.00 left after I paid for the ticket,so I bought 'LEXUS' biscuits as my food to eat.I felt like a poor person at that time because I only had biscuits as my food to eat since that day was 'fast month'.

Then, I searched for a place to pray.After "Solat Asar", I went to rest for a while there and then, I felt asleep.After a short nap, I woke up and looked at the clock.It was at about 6 p.m. Then, I went to MYDIN again because I forgot to buy drinks to drink.At that time, I only had few money, but I can afford to buy 1.5 litres 100 Plus aqtiv.After that, I went to 'surau' that I went before and waited until the time comes for me to eat.

After eating some biscuits, I went for 'Solat Qasar & Jamak Takdim' since I wanted to go for a long journey.After finished praying, I quickly went to the counter to see the lady to change my ticket to another destination which was to Jerteh.But she was nowhere to be found.Maybe she went home for a while to take for a break.After a few minutes waiting for her, finally she came.So, I talked to her how to change it.She asked me to give me the ticket and then, she did something on her computer in the counter and changed my destination to Jerteh.At last, I can go to meet my parents who had been there without any trouble.Alhamdulillah.

After my bus had arrived at Klang Bus Station, I went to the bus and gave the man my ticket.Then, I went inside to pack my things and belongings at my place.There was a few passengers in the bus and there was no one beside me.After all passengers who was on the list were in the bus, the journey to Terengganu began.At first, I was so excited and very happy since it was my first time I went to Terengganu alone by bus.It was very long trip.Since it was dark at night so, I can't look outside scenery clearly.The journey to Jerteh, Terengganu took for about 8 hours from Klang Bus Station.After a long time in the bus doing nothing, I felt very bored.It was also very cold in the bus since I don't have any jacket to wear.

After a few hours,the bus stopped at it's bus stop to take for a break.I thought the time was at about 1.15 a.m. The bus only stop once in this journey to Terengganu.All passengers went out from the bus to rest and eat for a while at the bus stop.I went to the shop to buy something.Since I had left few money, so I can only buy drinks for RM1.20.I was very hungry at that time, but I had to force myself.As I remember, after I bought that drink, my money had only 20 cent left.It was very hard at that time.Then, I waited at the restaurant nearby for a few minutes until the break time end.It was about 45 minutes of break time.When the time finished, all the passengers including me went inside the bus and started to continue our journey.

After 8 hours journey from Klang, finally I arrived at Jerteh safely.It was at about 4.50 a.m. Then, I searched for public phone and called my father to pick me from that bus stop.Before my father came to pick me, I waited at the stall nearby.It surprised me a little bit that the stall had open in this very early time and there were many people in the stall.It was people who also came to Jerteh by bus.Maybe they wanted to rest a bit and waited for someone to pick them.

Back to my story...At the stall, I ate my last biscuits while waiting for my father to pick me up.After several minutes waiting, at last my father came with my younger brother.All of my family were in Terengganu except my elder brother since he stayed in his hostel.Then, we went to my village in Besut, Terengganu.Luckily, I can 'bersahur' when I reached there because the time didn't finish yet.At that time, I was very hungry,sleepy and tired a little bit since I ate only some biscuits and drank a bottle of 100 Plus aqtiv and some drinks.If I can't 'bersahur' at that time, maybe I had to skip my fast on that day.

After 1 day and a half staying in my village, I had to go back to my hostel on Sunday because tomorrow which was Monday, my parents had started on thier working duty at their places.It was also the day where I had to go to learn in school.So, I had to go back to my hostel by car with my family.It eas very short time I satyed in my village.I really hope that I can stay for a little bit longer, so that I can feel the scenario of my village better.

I arrived at my school at about 11 p.m. After my family had left me in my hostel, I went out from my car and enter to my hostel's room.I packed out all my things and put it into my locker room.Then, without thinking much, I directly went to sleep.On the next day, like hostels' students always did, I woke up from my sleep and went to Subuh pray.After that, I get ready to go to school like always.I'm very thankful because I didn't get any penalty points as I "FLY" from my hostel to go to Terengganu by bus.
Later ;)