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Today was my memorable day.Once more, I went to Klang to visit my old friends.We gathered at Ideen's house like before and I was very tired and sleepy right now because of my journey from my home in Kajang to Klang.It was very long journey.It took me about 3 hours from my home to Ideen's house using public transports.Since I went to sleep late last night which was at about 3.00 a.m., so I was very sleepy to visit my old friends in Klang.But I still wanted to go to visit my old friends in Klang because this was my only chance to visit them in this holiday.

I woke up from my sleep at about 6:40 a.m. and I was very sleepy.After I prepared myself, I began my journey to Klang at about 7:50 a.m. from my home.First, I waited for a bus to go to UKM Station.After I had paid for my ticket to Klang, I waited for the train.In the train, I was very bored.I'm just sat on the chair doing nothing but only listening to my MP3.Since I only had a few money, I decided to withdraw money from bank at KL Central.It was also the place where I had to transit my current train to another train.

Then, I continued my journey to Klang.When I arrived at Klang Station, I quickly rushed to Klang Bus Stop.I waited for a bus to go to Sri Andalas.After I had arrived at the bus stop in front of the HTAR, I walked to Ideen's house.I met Haniff, Raimi & Ideen after 1 month and a half I didn't meet them.We talked a lot about our experiences in SBP.We played a lot and didn't do any school works...hahaha.I had to admit it that I'm a little bit bored at Ideen's house because there was none activities that interested me lot.

When the time had come to evening, it was the time for me to say goodbye to them.After that, I went to the mosque nearby for 'Asar' pray.It's been a long time since I went to that mosque.So, I decided to go there.Then, I continued my journey to go back home in Kajang.I waited at the bus stop and rode a bus to Klang.I walked to Klang commuter station and bought a ticket to Kajang.Before that, I went to bookshop & stationeries.I met my SAMTH old friends there.

The journey back to Kajang was very tired.I had to stand in the train for very long time from Klang to KL Central.Then, I decided to rest for a while at KL Central.I bought some drinks to drink since I was very tired.After a short break, I continued my journey.I didn't expect that there still had a lot of people in the train at 8:15 p.m. I thought that it had decreased but on the contrary, there still had lots more people in the train.So, once more I had to stand on the train until I arrived in Kajang.

After I arrived in Kajang commuter station, I decided to take a cab since I'm lazy to walk because of my tiredness standing on the train for a long time.The cab took me from there to my house.Then, I rushed to my house and knocked the door.After that, I went in and I'm back to my ordinary life.The end of my journey today.
Later ;)


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  1. NeomaX says:

    sorry...really sorry about that...
    I'm not at home at that time...
    dont worry...I'll try to be there next time...