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I will be leaving from home to hostel starting on 10 February 2009.From now on, I will have to prepare the things that I need to bring to the hostel and start packing.To all my friends, I wish you luck and enjoy on your new school.To my friends who stay on the current schools, I wish you luck too and try to make some improvement on yourselves and for the schools.The same goes to me.I will try my best.Insyaallah.

Whatever the problems that will we face, we must face it calmly and never try to run from it because it will make it even more and worst.Try to solve it with smile face and never give up.Life is hard but we can achieve great life by working hard and smart.Otherwise, we will never be able to step up to the top.I am very thankful and grateful to have friends that support me everytime.Thanks a lot.I will not forget all of you and I will treasure it as a diamond in my heart.
Zutto Wasurenai.Ore no taisetsu na mono wa mamoru.Zettai ni.Insyaallah.

Wherever we go is not a matter.But the matter is how can we survive on that place.It is up to you whether you can or not.We will get new experiences as the time pass by without we notice it.From baby to child and then, adolescent to adult and lastly, to old age.From nothing to something.From zero to hero.hahahaha :)

Last but not least, I would like to say goodbye to all my friends even though we live far away now, but our souls will be as one forever and ever.Insyaallah.I hope that we can meet again someday.Thanks again for everything and good luck for all.May Allah bless you.Amin.