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Today I had to go to my temporary school before I go to SBP in Pahang.It was a a horrible day of my life.At the school, I knew nothing about F4 subjects.I had to learn from the start but the my class had already went far.I had to catch up for those F4 subjects.It was really tired.

From now on, I will have to start learning and make myself diligent.Then, at the second time of my school, I got a very horrible tragedy.I had to go to school by bicycle.It was the first time I went there by bicycle and it was far from my house.I don't even remember the road to go there until I got lost.It was very tired.

I got out from my home at 7.00 a.m. and arrived at school at 8.00 a. m..It took me an hour to go to my school because I got lost.It was really really tired and exhausted.After I parked my bicycle, I went to the shop nearby to buy some drinks and then I went to school.

At the school, The discipline teacher came to me and asked me why I am late.I told him that I lost my way to school and my home was far away.Then, the discipline teacher let me go.I walked to my class and saw my classmates were at the school field.Today, I got PJK class.I sat down on the chair and rest because I was very tired and exhausted.

At the time when school were finished, I realized that I forgot to bring my home key.Now, I can't get into my house.I had to search for my brother who was also in this school and get the keys from him.

When I reached at my home, I was very tired.It took me about half an hour to go home.At that time, I don't get lost anymore.Even though I got lost but, it was fun because I can ride again my bicycle after a year.It was because last year, I lived in hostel.I thought that if I stay on this school, I will never get to school on time.hahaha.
Later ;)