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Today is my last day in my temporary school.Just like always, I come late to school and the discipline teacher warns me not to come late again.It was tired like always since I ride my bicycle to school.

In the class, I talk to my friend about my last day on this school.bla bla bla..........
He was the only friend I had in this school and I had met him for only 4 days.It was the quickest day I being friend with someone in my life.But now, I have to leave him like forever and maybe, I will never get to meet him again.

The school is a little bit bored since I don't have any friends except him.But it was very clean and beautiful.It was a great school and got the title 'sekolah cemerlang' peringkat luar bandar.

I feel so lucky to go to this school even for just temporary.I hope that I can be friends with someone at my boarding school later.Now, I have to prepare all the things that I need for my boarding school.
cya next time........ ;)