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Before I write about it, I will tell the details about this contest.

Can I Do THAT Online Contest

What do you normally do online? Check email? Write blog? Get busy with Facebook & Twitter?

If you are nodding your head and saying yes at all of the above, how about stepping up a gear and try to do something a little different online this time? Exabytes invites you to think outside of the box and tell us the coolest thing you can do, to make your very own website the coolest website on the planet!

To take part in the Can I Do THAT Online contest, participate and submit your ideas and you could walk away with FREE HOSTING to host your coolest website! So what are you waiting for? Start expressing yourself and join the contest today!

How to Join:
It is easy as A,B, C... Just follow the steps below:

1) Submit a blog post, video, images or etc, based on individual’s creativity.,

2) Include the Can I Do THAT Online contest logo in your entry. The logo shall be clickable and link back to

3) Get a minimum of TWO (2) friends to join this contest and include their website links in your entry.

4) Your entry must encourage public to go online for whatever purpose (business, networking, personal site, blog, etc).

5) Submit participation in the form at Exabytes Contest latest by 22nd February 2010.

6) Congratulations! You are done! We will pick the winners base on creativity. So, good luck to all of you!

The craziest thing I ever done online was...I also do not know what but maybe my answer is online for such a long time in front of the PC doing many kind of things such as blogging, upgrade blog, multi-survey, update blog, facebook, twitter, myspace, friendster, chatting, blogwalking, foruming, and download files (softwares, movies, tv-series, anime, etc.)
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