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HAPPY 1st Year of Blogger-Versary in my temporary career

Just want to post a bit since today will be my first year of Blogger-Versary.It has been a year since I contributed and learned about blogs.Congratz to myself...

Besides, today is also the first day of school and the beginning of the suffering life, preparing for the final war in school.Hope that I can keep it up and become one of the successful students in the examination and also in real life as a muslim.InsyaAllah, Amin.

Moreover, starting from this day, it will be some of my memorable day as I will also become a facilitator to lead the junior students.So, on this week, it will be one of the most exhaust day in my life.
(Maybe, osoraku)

Since this year maybe will be the busiest and most tire day in my life, so my dear blog will become outdated for quite long time, I guess.Hope that I can update myself and my blog as soon as possible.Till then, I also hope for our great results in this SPM examinations to all F5, 2010 students around Malaysia including me to achieve straight A's.InsyaAllah, Amin.Later ;)


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