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            What is e-Access, e-Literate, e-Rule, e-Safety, e-Interaction & Collaboration, e-Enterprise, e-Care, and e-Accountability ??? Those are the knowledge, the 8 critical values that must be implemented in all netizens around the globe.I'm here to tell you some of these critical values to all of netizens here. So, what is Netizen? Netizen based on Michael Hauben, author of "Netizen: On the History and Impact of Usenet and the Internet (1992)"

is an Internet user who possesses a sense of civic responsibility for her/his virtual community in much the same way citizens would feel responsible for a physical community.


Credit to Zeldads
First, we should know the basics on how we can access to the Internet. Have you ever heard about digital divide? It refers to the difference between nations in the ability of accessing global information infrastructures, the difference between those who have access to computers and the Internet and those who do not.
We Can Access the Internet by using modem, public internet services such WiFi, Internet Hotspots, Cyber Cafes, and also by using your mobile or smartphones.

Second, e-Literate: The Capability of Using Technology and Knowing When, When Not and How to Use it Appropriately.

If we talk about capability of using the internet, I'm sure most of us have it, but for the other part which to know when, when not and how to use it appropriately are the difficulties for most of us even though we know how.It is because of the discipline and life principle or specifically our self-discipline to force ourselves to balance our doings in life, whether to focus on surfing the internet uncontrolled or be discipline in time management.

Third, e-Rule: The legal issues pertaining to the communicative, transactional and distributive aspects of networked information technologies and devices.
Rules where most people always disobey it just like some people said "Rules are meant to be broken". It is obviously wrong and illegal act to do unless the rules itself is injustice to the people."Eat the rules, swallow and digest it so that we will never forget about safety and rules on how we use the technology around us, especially the Internet". There were a lot of act and law regarding the usage of the Internet, Cyber crimes, and many others Internet law because of those people who misuse the technology for an illegal purpose such as hacking, scamming, spamming, posting abusive content, pornography, plagiarism, and lots more of an illegal act beyond the limits since Internet is now like an an alternate world for people to do as they please if there is no rules to be obeyed.

Fourth, e-Safety: how to protect important information from Internet threats.
Safety ... safety measurements, safety precautions, safety firsts bla bla bla ... So, safety. I'm very sure every people wants to be safe especially for their privacy, security, and private belongings. We should protect ourselves from lots of thousands of multiple threats that are in the Internet in order for us to surf the Internet with ease and without worried we could be attacked by various kind of threats such as malwares, viruses, trojans, worms, identity theft, hackers and crackers and many other threats that are increasing drastically over the Internet nowadays. 

 1) We should equipped our machines with an antivirus and always run an update daily and scan the downloaded files so that our machines will always be in secure condition, free without harmful viruses. 

2) Install or Switch on the firewall in our machines or devices to keep stay safe when surfing the Internet. 

3) Do not open or go to the websites that contain lots of pop-ups which may contain malware, close the web immediately and try to avoid if the same thing happen

4) Use a good browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer which has built-in security for better and safe browsing.For example, Google Chrome has built-in what-they-called "sandbox". Sandboxing helps prevent malware from installing itself on your computer or using what happens in one browser tab to affect what happens in another. The sandbox adds an additional layer of protection to your browser by protecting against malicious web pages that try to leave programs on your computer, monitor your web activities, or steal private information from your hard drive.

That's just some of these critical values that all of us as the netizens should learn and apply in our daily life when using the Internet for a better use.If you want to learn more about these values, come join the "1CITIZEN" program where you can learn on how to be a smart user, smart netizens. You can go to 1CITIZEN and sign up to enroll on several classes based on your universities' information or you can ask the person in charge for this program to serve you by email at and not to mention, the facebook page for 1CITIZEN Page

Thanks to the PRESTARIANG for produce this event and competition and organize the program so-called "1CITIZEN" for everyone to show some of their creativity on how we should use the technology for a better use on our daily life, Thank you very much, my appreciation for this programme :)

"Produced for 1CITIZEN"

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