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Ramadhan is here
A blessed month
A month of patience
A month of confidence

Ramadhan is a month
When Muslims fast from dawn to dusk
Eat only before dawn and after dusk
Ramadhan is the month
When Muslims feel how the poor suffers
Without food and a dropp of water
Ramadhan is the month
To relax our tummies
After 11 months eating
Awesome Ramadhan
Blessed Ramadhan
Happy Ramadhan

The first 10 days
Hungry, thirsty...that's normal
But we must wait till the sun goes down
And it's time to break our siyyam
Don't forget the dates
The official fruit of Ramadhan
When we hear the calling Adhaan for Isyak
Get yourselves ready
Let's go to the mosque
Isyak and Tarawikh
How exciting
To meet and get new friends

The middle 10 days
Ramadhan is getting better
Muslims are gathering in the mosque
Can't wait to pray
Muslims are marvellous
How proud I am
To be one of them

The last 10 days
Very meaningful
Lailatul Qadr s gonna happen any time
in these 10 nights
Our wishes gonna be granted
After tarawikh
Everyone is in i'tikaf
Dressed all in white
Tonight is the time to seek forgiveness
From Allah the Almighty

Eid has arrived
Ramadhan goes by on the wings of a butterfly
Today is the day for us
To meet our family and seek forgiveness
Everyone is wearing new clothes during this reunion
Can't wait for the next Ramadhan and Eid
Hope we can still enjoy them


AiMaN AsYraF