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A season of togetherness and care
A time to think of others welfare
A season to equate oneself as others
Time to remember unprivillaged in life
And a time to return to almighty.

Rising above your ego and self
High above the horizon on high
Deep to the loins of the earth
Where abode dwells the spirits of life
And a region where equality prevails

Just to the sound of brass
The strings of harp and guitars
The horns and flutes in the house tops
Are the joys and jubilation of this visit
Ramadhan at last, home to dwell

May the joys and peace of it
The love of togetherness and oneness
May the union of love dwell in
And the heart of fasting and prayer
Welcome Ramadhan, the blest visitor.

Ramadhan Karim.

- Aron Lelei -

AiMaN AsYraF


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I would like to exchange links with your site
    Is this possible?

  2. Salam...sure, why not? Who is it???
    Thanks...really appreciate it :)


    »♫ ÇḾÃ₦ Ã§Ψ®Ã₣ ♫«