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During Chinese New Year holiday, it was another piece of my memorable memories, spending my precious time for three days on a vacation with my beloved family.I don't want to make a very long post since that is not my type and I am not currently in the mood and there are also lots of things I have to do, to change, to decide, to manage, to consider, to think, to control, to make, to embrace and much more for many kind of reasons especially the main priority and the vital of this year, SPM 11 A+ that can be achieved by a mountain of effort and consistency of hardwork including prayings and wishings in order to create a satisfaction when the results come whether it will be a wonderful result or bad result, at least the effort had been used to the fullest.

Therefore, embrace your dreams and no matter what happens, do not throw down your pride.Consequently, the dream that had dreamt will become true.Finally, I really hope that I can manage my indescribable life as best as possible because life is a greater fight and we must fight to the fullest to obtain higher rank and step up to the top.
Good luck for all SPM 2010 candidates, may this year will achieve greater achievements than the recent years.
Till then, take care.
Later ;)

Maybe this will be my last personal post as I am now trying to focus and concentrate on what I am now which is a Form 5 students that will face the greatest examination in school life before enter the new level of life.


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