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After returned from hostel yesterday, I got big news.The time had come for me to go to Klang again for PMR award.The news shocked my entire family because on that day was the day where my mother had to go to Melaka for some courses.So, I decided to stay at home while my parents and my youngest sister went to Melaka.What about the transportation??? I will have to go there using public transports.Since it took me about 2 hours to go there, so I will have to wake up early.

Today which is 30 May 2009 on Saturday, I woke up early in the morning.I started my journey to Klang again on 7 a.m. with sleepy mood.In the train, I just sat down on chair listening on my MP3, so that I will not asleep in the train.

I arrived on my destination at around 9:15 a.m..Then, I took a cab to go to my school.At Klang, it seemed like my memories in Klang began to refresh.I was a bit nervous to meet my old friends there.At SAMTH, I registered my name and went into the hall.I met my old friends there.We talked a lot...bla3..

At 1:00 p.m., the session ended.From there, I took a bus to Klang and then, I took a train.When I arrived at KL Central for transit from my current station to another station, I went to buy some drinks to heal my thirst.Then, I continued my trip back to Kajang.From Kajang station, I walked up to Kajang City and went to bookshop there to buy some books.After that, I went to bus stop there and took a bus to go back home.

Later ;)